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* Anatomy ontology terms
* Anatomy ontology terms
** General anatomy: [mailto:obo-anatomy%40lists%2e.sourceforge%2enet obo-anatomy@lists.sourceforge.net] - ''[https://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/obo-anatomy List subscription and archives]''
** General anatomy: [mailto:obo-anatomy%40lists%2e.sourceforge%2enet obo-anatomy@lists.sourceforge.net] - ''[https://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/obo-anatomy List subscription and archives]''
** Teleost anatomy (TAO): [mailto:obo-teleost-discuss%40lists%2e.sourceforge%2enet obo-teleost-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net] - ''[https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/obo-teleost-discuss List subscription and archives]''
** RCN Vertebrate Working Group: [mailto:rcn-vertebrate-working-group%40googlegroups%2e.com rcn-vertebrate-working-group@googlegroups.com]
=== Project-only mailing lists ===
=== Project-only mailing lists ===

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Principal investigators

  • Paula Mabee: Principal Investigator
University of South Dakota
Email: pmabee@usd.edu
Phone: 605-677-6171
  • Todd Vision: Principal Investigator
University of North Carolina
Email: tjv@bio.edu
Phone: 919-843-4507
  • David Blackburn: Co-principal Investigator
California Academy of Sciences
Email: david.c.blackburn@gmail.com
Phone: 415-379-4375
  • Judith Blake: Co-principal Investigator
Mouse Genome Informatics - Jackson Laboratories
Email: Judith.Blake@jax.org
Phone: 207-288-6248
Assistant Director for Informatics
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
Email: hlapp@nescent.org
Phone: 919-668-5288
  • Paul Sereno: Co-principal Investigator
University of Chicago
Email: dinosaur@uchicago.edu
Phone: 773-428-7801
  • Monte Westerfield: Co-principal Investigator
University of Oregon
Email: monte@uoneuro.uoregon.edu
Phone: 541-346-4607
  • Aaron Zorn: Co-principal Investigator
Xenopus model organism database, Cincinnati's Children's Hospital Medical Center
Email: aaron.zorn@cchmc.org
Phone: 513-636-3770

Mailing lists

Public mailing lists

The following mailing lists have publicly accessible archives (linked to from the URLs below) and all interested people can subscribe themselves at the given URLs.

Project-only mailing lists

The following mailing lists have private archives, and subscription is usually restricted to project personnel. However, anybody may send email to them; the email may be held for moderation, but legitimate (i.e., non-spam) postings will typically be released quickly.

  • Project-specific mailing list (reaches all PIs and coPIs, project team members, and those closely affiliated): phenoscape@nescent.org


  • Phenoscape blog: http://blog.phenoscape.org/ You can subscribe to the blog so that you receive a notification each time a new post is published. Scroll down until you see the box titled "Subscribe via Email", enter your email address, and click "Subscribe".