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Here are temporary curation shortcuts for creating particular kinds of phenotypes. These can be used until better EQ entry interfaces are available in Phenex. The KB data loader will watch for and correctly interpret each of these.

Complementary phenotypes ("negation")

Example: "opercle, not round". Create a postcomposition for the quality, choosing a meaningful genus term and using the "not" relation.

  • E: opercle
  • Q: shape^not(round)

Comparative phenotypes (one structure relative to another)

Example: "supraorbital increased in size relative to frontal". Put the compared to structure in the related entity column. Choose one of the "increased/decreased X" qualities. While these qualities technically compare to "normal", the data loader will replace them with the correct quality.

  • E: supraorbital
  • Q: increased size
  • RE: frontal

Locally relative phenotypes

Example: "opercle size: small, medium, or large". Choose the quality being compared, and place a number in the Count column indicating the proper sort order (1 < 2 < 3). For "small":

  • E: opercle
  • Q: size
  • Count: 1