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(Taxonomy Ontologies)
(Taxonomy Ontologies)
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===Taxonomy Ontologies===
===Taxonomy Ontologies===
* [[Teleost Taxonomy Ontology]] (TTO)
* [[Teleost Taxonomy Ontology]] (TTO)
* [[Ontologies#Vertebrate_Taxonomy_Ontology_.28VTO.29| Vertebrate Taxonomy Ontology]]
* [[Ontologies#Vertebrate_Taxonomy_Ontology_.28VTO.29| Vertebrate Taxonomy Ontology]] (VTO)
===Ontology Resources===
===Ontology Resources===

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Anatomy Ontologies

Anatomy mailing list Discussion of vertebrate and general anatomy issues are posted to the obo-anatomy list:

Taxonomy Ontologies

Ontology Resources

Fish resources

Morphology image database resources


NCBO BioPortal support requests

Support (for issues) and feature requests for the NCBO BioPortal can be submitted through the following venues (according to Benjamin Dai, BioPortal Lead Software Architect):

NCBO BioPortal User Group:

We are a (voting) member of the BioPortal User Group. The group has monthly teleconferences where new features are being discusses and subsequently prioritized through survey-voting.