Annotator tutorial topics

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Agenda- topics and software for curator training: Overview of curation workflow and software involved

Ontology development:

Protege tutorial

Ontology development principles:

OBO foundry principles (orthogonality, single inheritance, versioning, etc...) Genus-differentia definitions

Online resources and mailing lists (bookmark)

Term trackers (PATO, RO, CARO, Uberon)

OBO Foundry


Mailing lists: Phenoscape-curators, obo-anatomy, obo-discuss

Curation training

EQ annotation - Review wiki Guide to Character Annotation


Matrix and free text entry in Mesquite and/OR direct import into Phenex

Subversion and use of SmartSVN


Phenoscape Curation Log in Google Docs

Taxon lists update

Endnote and publication identifiers

Ontology editing and updating


Term request workflow; proposed ORB workflow