Database Roadmap

From phenoscape

This is a development roadmap for the second production iteration of the Phenoscape database and web interface, intended for demonstration and testing at the ASIH 2009 meeting.


This is an outline of my tasks in the coming months.

January 2009

* indicates task dependency

  • Work on moving database connection parameters from code to properties file that does not go into SVN.
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Document inherited database query module in OBD API*
    • STATUS: Deferred (lower priority)
  • Finish documentation of the OBD reasoner on the Wiki
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Work on Unit test modules for database queries*
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Document performance metrics of database queries from Unit test cases*
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Document query optimization patterns for database queries*
    • STATUS: Complete


  • Complete documentation of query execution methods*
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Implement improved query methods to speed up execution of anatomy data services
    • NOTE: contingent upon completion of previous related tasks marked with *
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Investigate possible additions to OBD reasoner (with input from Hilmar and Jim)
    • STATUS: Added facet to add direct relationships between characters and all of the states they may take. Complete
  • Add extinct/extant species information to the database
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Automate data loader module
    • STATUS: Complete


  • Add Gene data service to Phenoscape
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Add collection information to the database
    • STATUS: Complete
  • Add Taxon query service to Phenoscape
    • STATUS: Complete


  • Add publication information to database
    • NOTE: Dependant upon SICI and Endnote work
  • Investigate load sharing and connection pooling strategies for Phenoscape prototype


  • Refine web services specifications as per Jim's requirements
  • Performance tuning


  • Testing and bug fixes


  • Public release at ASIH