Needs Analysis Workshop/Prioritization

From phenoscape

Additional data types and query constraints

Data interrelationships
  • Other data types or dimensions we haven't looked at
    • Time: e.g., developmental time-series
    • Geography
  • Abilities to restrict traits by
    • high-level character modules
    • gene
    • GO
    • location
    • developmental stage
    • availability of sufficient data


  • Character mapping on trees
  • Correlation matrix of traits
  • Downloadable reports of query results (e.g. candidate genes; comparative phenotypic data)
  • Identifying clades which traits vary (quick retrieval of character state distributions)
  • Phenotypic BLAST to discover similar phenotypes and similar OTUs
  • Discovery of genetic or evolutionary modules
  • Integrating genetic data


  • body map
  • filtering options
  • visualizing the ontology
  • external data types, link-out to NCBI