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PhenoscapeKB Data Policy version 5.12.09

The Phenoscape Knowledgebase is intended to enhance knowledge and progress in the scientific community. For this reason, the contents are made available according to the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. This license allows any party to distribute, reuse, and derive works from the data for commercial or non-commercial uses provided that appropriate attribution is given. Any contents to which this license does not apply (such a copyrighted images provided by third parties) are specifically marked as such. Contributions to Phenoscape are predominantly based on data reported in the published literature; the copyright to the original publication remains with the original owner, and contributors to the database are individually acknowledged. Users are requested to cite the original paper (or, in some cases, unpublished manuscript) from which the data were derived, as well as a citation of the following form: