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The tool or documentation in this page is obsolete.

Phenoscape web UI development plan.


February 2009

  • Mockup changes to existing interfaces required to incorporate 1/5/09 team feedback on existing interface components
  • Taxon search interface Done
    • Mockup interface using dummy data within web application - request group feedback
      • Front page search interface and results table - may include intermediate results summary page
  • Interface demo and feedback session - DECAP meeting, Feb. 27, 2009 Done
    • Present screenshots and mockups
    • Possible live demo depending on data service performance progress
      • Services should return in no more than 2 seconds
      • Evaluate feasibility 2 weeks before meeting
  • Mockup publication data interface within web application Done
  • Mockup "splashy" search entry page - we should have a more graphically capturing entry gateway for exploring the data content
    • One of the following:
      • Hierarchical term explorer
      • Visual explorer, using schematic drawings ("the prototypical fish")
      • Visual explorer using 3D scans of catfish (and eventually zebrafish when done).
    • Should explore various prototypes of these ideas using HTML mockups and get feedback from project team
  • Mockup taxonomy-based tree-mapped data perspective
    • View taxonomic phenotype annotation results organized by a phylogenetic tree
    • Group phenotypes as simplistic union of descendant nodes, rather than ancestral reconstruction
    • Use taxonomy as basis for phylogenetic tree
    • Develop HTML mockups in web application

March 2009

  • Incorporate 1/5/09 team feedback on existing interface components In progress
    • Anatomy term search results - reorganize according to sketch
    • Gene search results - reorganize according to sketch
    • Taxonomic phenotype results page - add Order column for taxonomic grouping
    • Present various phenotypic results grouped by custom "character slim" done
      • Requires slim development by team members (Wasila, Paula) 12:20, 20 March 2009 (EDT)done and service implementation by Cartik
  • Taxon search interface
    • Design data service schema to be implemented by Cartik
    • Implement interface using live data service once developed by Cartik

April 2009

  • Implement "splashy" search entry page as defined by mockup work
  • Incorporate publication data into user interface
    • Incorporate publication links into annotation results displays
      • Columns referencing numbers of taxonomic phenotype or mutant phenotype match results will be accompanied by a column including number of publications referencing the search item
      • Link from publication count to a publication listing
    • Publication listing includes brief citation each of which links to a publication detail page
    • Publication detail page(s)
      • Full citation information
      • Display curator credits
      • Display or link to original matrix including free-text data and specimen listing
      • Display or link to all phenotype annotations resulting from publication
    • Requires publication data implementation in OBD by Cartik
    • Requires specimen data implementation in OBD by Cartik
  • Possible user testing session in conjunction with RCN meeting at NESCent

May 2009

  • Implement taxonomy-based tree-mapped data perspective
  • Implement appropriate scalable deployment of web application Done
    • Multiple application instances and load balancing Done

Release candidate - June 2009

  • Project team testing
  • Bug fixes
  • Overall performance evaluation

Public launch: ASIH meeting, Portland, Oregon - July 22, 2009


February 2010

  • Develop overall site revision plan based on feedback from Knowledgebase Beta 1 interface [Done]
  • Knowledgebase 2.0 site revision mockup testing [Done]
    • Present mockups to naive users in Eugene, Oregon, February 16-17 [Done]
    • Revise mockups using testing session user feedback [Done]
  • Develop 2.0-beta implementation plans with feedback from Phenoscape stakeholders [Deferred]

March 2010

  • Annotation search results pages with editable data filters
  • Working taxonomy cladogram data interfaces
  • Complete mockups of advanced query interfaces
  • Phenoscape meeting at Field Museum, Chicago
    • Conduct user feedback sessions with mockups of forthcoming interfaces, and live testing of implemented pages [Done]
    • Write-up results of feedback and proposed changes
  • Generate permanent unique ID for each publication [Done]
  • Enter unique IDs for publications into Endnote [Done]
  • Data imported KB via Endnote XML files [NOTE: This part was done quite a while ago. However, a slight modification needs to be made to use the new unique IDs for publications]
    • citation information as individual semantic pieces (individual authors, title, journal, etc.) - [Deprioritized]
    • abstract
    • DOI if available
  • Investigate importing previous names of ZFIN genes
  • Gene symbol as primary name - [NOTE: This was the old status quo before we decided to the display the complete name of the gene, can easily revert to this.]

April 2010

  • Term search results pages incorporating ontology tree browser
  • Publication pages with citation and abstract, links to publications from other data types
  • Advanced query interface, data download implementation
  • type of mutation/defect producing phenotype result (requires feasibility investigation)
  • ZFIN publication ID for each phenotype annotation
  • import common names for taxa

May 2010

  • Publication pages with data matrix (table view and downloadable)
  • Publication pages with specimens
  • Link to taxonomy cladogram interfaces via data on other pages
  • Official release of Phenoscape Knowledgebase 2.0-beta

June 2010

  • User testing sessions of Knowledgebase 2.0-beta
  • Bug and feedback revisions

July 2010

  • Official release of Phenoscape Knowledgebase 2.0