Phenote:Specimen List

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A user may want to enter a pre-defined list of specimens from which to repeatedly create different EQ statements. This functionality is available in an accessory window within Phenote. Launch Phenote and click on the "View" menu, then select "Specimen List". You should see a new window like this:

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You can fill in the list of specimens from a publication in the same way you edit the list of characters in the main Phenote window. But, unlike the main window, this window shows only a subset of fields which serve to identify specimens. If you would like to create new phenotype statements using some of these specimens, just check the boxes next to the ones you would like to work with. By pressing the "Generate Characters" button, you can create new characters in the main window with these specimens pre-filled in. All the new characters will be selected together, so you can bulk edit them to apply the same EQ statement to them all.