Student Instructions

From phenoscape

1. Download Most Recent Version of Phenex

Phenex is used by Phenoscape for curation of evolutionary phenotypes. You can find instructions for downloading and installing Phenex at the Phenex homepage.

2. Use DropBox to work with project files

Phenoscape project files are XML files (more specifically, they are in NeXML format) created using Phenex and housed in a shared DropBox folder (named 'Phenoscape-data'). Please contact Wasila or Paula for access.

3. Access PDFs from the Phenoscape Mendeley library

PDFs are shared using Mendeley. Please ask Paula or Wasila for access to the group.

Note: PDFs for teleost publications are housed on a file share; see access instructions below:

Mac OS X

  1. In finder > Go > Connect to Server
  2. Type in

  1. Accept security warning about certificate
  2. enter username and password

Windows XP

  1. Go to "My Network Places"
  2. Add a Network Place (pulls up wizard)
  3. Click Next twice
  4. In internet or Network address box, type in

  1. Accept certificate warning, if given.
  2. Give the share a meaningful name. Default is usually fine.
  3. Finish

4. Subscribe to Curator Mailing List

5. Create Tree Files

We use Mesquite to create nexus files containing trees replicated from fish publications. See this page for instructions on creating tree files using Mesquite.