Tracker email processing

From phenoscape

The default update emails from the ontology trackers are cluttered and confusing for novice users. Since we prefer discussion of new ontology terms to take place on the mailing lists, it is best that readers of the update emails do not follow the embedded links and post their comments directly to the tracker. Also, both the "from" and "to" addresses on these emails go to a noreply address at Sourceforge, making it difficult to keep replies to proposals of new terms on the mailing list.

Thus, update emails from the teleost anatomy and zebrafish anatomy Sourceforge trackers are sent to an email address at NESCent. Messages to this email address are automatically piped to a script, which replaces the "from" header with an address which is allowed to post on the teleost-discuss mailing list. The "to" and "reply-to" headers are given the address of the mailing list, The script extracts relevant information from the update emails and reformats it in a more user-friendly message. Users can reply directly to the message and continue discussion of term proposals on the mailing list.

The NESCent mail server runs the script with this command line.