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== Postdoctoral Opportunities ==
* We have opportunities for prospective postdoctoral researchers interested in the application of phenotype bioinformatics to evo-devo. [http://nescent.org/about/employment.php#PostDoc Learn more].
* Please see [https://scate.phenoscape.org/#join-us opportunities for joining the SCATE project] for postdoctoral, graduate student, and student internship opportunities.
* We offer summer internships to students interested in learning phenotype informatics. Please inquire with [[User:Hilmar| Hilmar Lapp]] if you are interested.
== Student Internship Opportunities ==
* We will be offering to host a 3-month student internship during the summer of 2012 in the informatics side of the project. More information will be forthcoming soon; in the meantime, please feel free to inquire with [[User:Hlapp| Hilmar Lapp]] if you are interested.

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