Taxonomic Rank Vocabulary

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We have developed a vocabulary of taxonomic ranks for use in conjunction with the Teleost Taxonomy Ontology and similar OBO taxonomy ontologies. It consists of a set of 59 terms drawn from two primary sources: the rank terms that appear in the NCBI taxonomy database, and the rank terms from the [TDWG rank vocabulary].

Name Cross Ref Synonyms Notes
phylum NCBI, TDWG division
class NCBI, TDWG
order NCBI, TDWG
family NCBI, TDWG
genus NCBI, TDWG
species NCBI, TDWG
subclass NCBI, TDWG
subphylum NCBI, TDWG
subgenus NCBI, TDWG
species_group NCBI
species_subgroup NCBI
species_complex Used in OBO fly taxonomy
infraorder NCBI, TDWG
suborder NCBI, TDWG
superclass NCBI, TDWG
varietas NCBI variety (TDWG)
kingdom NCBI, TDWG
superfamily NCBI, TDWG
infraclass NCBI, TDWG
parvorder NCBI
superkingdom NCBI, TDWG
subspecies NCBI, TDWG
subfamily NCBI, TDWG
tribe NCBI, TDWG
forma NCBI form (TDWG)
superphylum NCBI, TDWG
subtribe NCBI, TDWG
subkingdom NCBI, TDWG
section TDWG
series TDWG
bio-variety TDWG
candidate TDWG
cultivar TDWG
cultivar-group TDWG
denominationclass TDWG
domain TDWG
graft-chimaera TDWG
grex TDWG
infraphylum TDWG
infrafamily TDWG
infragenerictaxon TDWG
infragenus TDWG
infrakingdom TDWG
infraspecies TDWG
infraspecificTaxon TDWG
infratribe TDWG
patho-variety TDWG
specialform TDWG
speciesaggregate TDWG
subvariety TDWG
subsubvariety TDWG
subsection TDWG
subseries TDWG
subspecificaggregate TDWG
subsubform TDWG
supertribe TDWG
supragenerictaxon TDWG