Data Jamboree 2/Preparation

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  • Things to prepare ahead of time
    • Have flipcharts, markers, and tape (or pushpins) for paper mockups (OK - Paula)
    • Need slims for TAO and PATO (Done - Wasila, Jim)
    • Curation Exercise
      • Revise same (Group annotation exercise) from data jamboree 1
        • Move making Taxon list to beginning; make matrix to merge; add instructions (- Done WD 9/22)
        • Keep exercise to 1 hour
      • Phenex documentation (Jim)
      • Upload to fileshare; print hard copies for all participants (Paula); email to participants (Wasila)
    • Consistency Experiment
      • Revise so that results are publishable (Wasila & all) - low priority
      • Get feedback on experiment from advisors ahead of time (emailed advisors, 9/24 - Wasila)
      • Upload to fileshare; print hard copies for all participants; email to participants (Wasila)
    • Revise Annotation guide on wiki -- (Wasila & curators)
  • Things to contact participants about ahead of time (develop letter prior to conference call - Done PM Sept 17)
    • bring laptops (Mac or PC - Jim will ask and send them Java download link)
      • how to download Phenex (Jim will send instructions), Mesquite (Peter will send instructions); links to each
    • how to subscribe to Phenoscape-curators and Teleost-discuss (- Done WD Sept 18)
    • send link for to Phenoscape publications spreadsheet (public access now) (Wasila)
    • email each of the four participants pdfs of 3 or 4 (Grande) assigned papers and 3 or 4 Phenex files (Wasila)
  • Curation
    • Papers for four ichthylogists selected and in process of being merged and updated with character descriptions (Paula)
    • Plan to add TAO terms for EQ annotation at SD workshop (Wasila)
    • Plan to add TTO taxa and make corrections at SD workshop (Peter)
  • Participant papers
    • Correspond with participants regarding their three assigned publications for annotation at the data jamboree -
      • Wasila contacts: Sabaj Perez (Lundberg) - Done (WD)
      • Paula contacts: Grande & Mayden & Hilton - (done 12 Sept PM)
    • Prepare neXML files for each participant (see Phenoscape Google spreadsheet for status; Paula)
      • Include taxon list, matrix, character and state descriptions filled in (Paula)
      • Prepare CD with copies of neXML files for each participant (Paula)
    • Provide corresponding pdf file for each neXML file
  • Participant-personnel pairs:
    • Grande (with Wasila Dahdul)
    • Hilton (with Jim Balhoff)
    • Mayden (with Paula Mabee)
    • Sabaj Perez (with John Lundberg)

(Peter Midford, Jeff Engeman (and Mike Wallinga) are "floater" curators)

  • Finalize agenda - done (PM)
  • Bring data projector (Paula - OK)
  • Copies of pubs (1 each; Paula)